Board Committees:

These committees report directly to the LLCA Board of Directors. Though a minimum number of Directors are required to serve on these committees, membership is open to non-board members as well.

Financial Oversight - Meets Monthly, 2nd Thursday

The LLCA Board Financial Oversight Committee assists the Board in ensuring that the school’s money and assets are being properly utilized and accounted for on a continuous basis. The Board Treasurer typically chairs this Committee.

Governance - Meets Monthly, 1st Friday

This committee deals with school governance. This includes Board (and Committee) recruitment, training, orientation and development, periodic review of the school bylaws, and annual Board assessments. This Committee also serves to nominate new board members to serve new or retiring Board member terms.

Risk Management Oversight - Meets Monthly, 2nd Tuesday at 11 am

The Board Risk Management Oversight Committee assists the Board in ensuring that the school practices sound systematic risk management in order to reduce risk to the school’s people, property, and programs.

School Management Committees:

These committees report to the School Director and are more operational in nature. Membership is open to all.

Academic Excellence - 2nd Tuesday of the month or as needed at 3:30 PM

This committee deals with matters of the curriculum and overall educational program, including student assessment strategies and results.

Facilities - Meets Monthly, 1st Wednesday

This committee deals with matters related to the school’s buildings and grounds, including improvements and new construction. It also assists in planning and managing facilities projects.

Technology - On Hold

This committee deals with matters involving school information and computer systems and develops strategies for implementation and support of information systems.