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The Lake Lure Classical Academy (LLCA) Board of Directors aims to recruit talented, service-oriented committee members that will gain experience in school operations and be a source of candidates for future directors on the board. Committees perform vital functions for the school and the board in conducting research and analysis, developing policies and making recommendations to the board.

A healthy, effective and sustaining charter school board will be continually training its directors and providing them tools for more effective governance. Additionally, it will be continually engaged in recruiting, cultivating and training future board members.

The LLCA Governance Committee undertakes the tasks of organizing board training and resources as well as evaluating applications for committee and board service.

I'd like to learn more, what's next?

In evaluating applicants for suitability, the Governance Committee takes a number of qualities into consideration. You're encouraged to check out the links to the right to begin the process or just see if it's right for you.

How much time does it require to serve on a Committee or the Board of Directors?

Other than the Executive Committee, the other committees have no term limits. However, committee chairs can remove a committee member with or without cause. Board terms are three years, with members allowed to serve two, full three-year terms (plus any partial, unexpired portion of a term left by a retiring member).
Board and committee service time requirements can vary significantly, depending on many factors. As a general rule, board service normally requires 6 to 10 hours per month, including preparing for and attending monthly board meetings as well as required committee service. Committee service involves monthly meetings, with the potential for work assignments in between meetings.