School Communications

Lake Lure Classical Academy News & Announcements:

Lake Lure Classical Academy is committed to serving the broader community as a source of information and outreach about our school and charter schools in general. As part of that commitment, we routinely host events, partner with the community, and publish reliable and timely information related to the news and life of our school.Our Communications Team is responsible for maintaining effective school-related communications with the community and within the school itself. We provide media relations, public relations, weather-impact information, crisis, and safe schools communications. We serve students, parents, employees, the community at large, and the news media by providing clear, timely, and accurate information about our school and its programs. Through a number of communications avenues and options for notifications, we keep the public informed about the exciting things happening at Lake Lure Classical Academy. From this page, you will find recent and archived news, flyers, and images. If you're a member of the media and you wish to learn more about our school or you have a story or quote request, please call 828.625.9292. You may also send us an email