Zoom Family Conference Calls

In continuing to plan and prepare for the Aug. 17th re-opening of school and the launch of our Virtual Academy, we held a series of Zoom Family Conference Calls on July 23rd.

Below is the audio recording of each call:

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade - this call did not record correctly and such we do not have a recording of that call. However, the content of the other calls contains a great deal of the same information that was shared in this first call.

Third Grade - 5th Grade - Note this recording starts about 50 seconds after you click the play arrow.

Middle School - Note, there is some background noise, silence, and then the recording starts just about two minutes after you click the play arrow.

High School

As you can imagine, we received a great many questions before the calls and many more via the chat feature during the calls. We are in the process of categorizing and compiling all of those questions now to publish an FAQ for the website early this week.