School Improvement Teams are required by North Carolina law to develop improvement plans that move the school forward in all areas.

These plans set goals and allow team members to collaborate on ways to achieve the goals and needs of the school. The team is made of a school administrator, instructional personnel, instructional support personnel, and teacher assistants assigned to the school building, and parents of children enrolled in the school.

School Improvement Teams are considered a public body and are subject to open meeting laws. Staff, parents, and community members are always welcome to attend and observe the meetings. Meetings are held at school, usually in a classroom or virtually through Google Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month beginning at 3:30 pm, unless otherwise rescheduled.

Our School Improvement Team also has subcommittees which focus on specific areas. These sub-committees meet once a month. To find out more about the work of these subcommittees please contact the following chairs:

Academic Excellence - Michael Smith

School Culture - Hayley Blackwell

Outdoor Education - Jennifer Peyer

SEL - Corrie Sias

STEM - open

Do you have suggestions for improvements? You may communicate directly with an individual on the school team or send a request to the entire committee. The school members’ names and contact information are listed below:

Kristin Collette, Chair

Hayley Blackwell Co-Chair

Layne Long Co-Chair

Jessie Massey

Jennifer Peyer

Rhonda Wilson-Williams

Kevin Lampson

Corrie Sias

Kate Levea

Helen Payne

Peggy Hill

Richard Hill

Sue Hamann

Jennifer Kruseman

Jennifer Powell

Francis Phipps

Michael Smith

Barbara Cohen

Our current school improvement plan is located on the NC Star/Indistar system at

To access our school improvement plan, use the following login information:

Guest Login: GuestS17751