When it comes to your Child's Kindergarten Education, One Size Doesn't fit All!


The safety of your children remains our highest priority.

LLCA follows all guidance from the CDC, and state and local officials to ensure current health and safety guidelines are followed throughout our campus and on our busses.

Welcome to Little Raptors Kindergarten

Branch out, Fly High!

A Tuition-Free Kindergarten Program of Lake Lure Classical Academy

It's time for your little one to enter the brand new world of Kindergarten. Or maybe you're just looking for a change in Kindergarten choices. Either way, it's a big step. There are plenty of options and quite a few things that matter to you in making the decision.

About Little Raptors:

FREE - If you've been paying for private Pre-K or Kindergarten, the Little Raptors Kindergarten is tuition-free. It's a public charter school that is totally free for all North Carolina children.

COMMITTED TO ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE FROM DAY ONE - Sure, we have the sweetest, nicest, and kindest Kindergarten teachers around. But we know that what you really care about in today's competitive world, is an educational setting focused on technology, programs, outdoor learning, safety, and world-class facilities that distinguish one school from another. Learn more about our Kindergarten curriculum, HERE

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – whether it is the need for carpool help with neighbors or wanting to have more connections with people who are more geographically proximate, Little Raptors is nearby and offers 13 cluster bus stops across three counties. No need to drive long distances. Does your little one have older brothers and sisters? Lake Lure Classical Academy goes all the way to 12th grade. No need to send your kids to multiple schools. Keep them together under one roof on our beautiful 34-acre campus in the heart of gorgeous Lake Lure, North Carolina. We're just 30 minutes from Hendersonville, Rutherfordton, and Columbus. Find us on the map, HERE

NO MORE TRANSITION TRAUMA! - Lake Lure Classical Academy offers K-12 CONTINUITY. If your kids are currently enrolled in a pre-K program or elementary school that only goes through 4th or 8th grade, they can instead begin with LLCA and stay here all the way through high school. Siblings can stay together and the juggling of transportation challenges, with work schedules, can be reduced or even eliminated.

AN ALTERNATIVE TO ONE SIZE FITS ALL EDUCATION – Maybe you have tried or considered private preschool or Pre-K education, but it's just not a good fit for your child. When you begin to think long-term, perhaps you're intrigued by choosing a Charter School of Choice such as Lake Lure Classical Academy.