Our Curriculum

LLCA offers a standards-based education program integrated with and supported by the Core Knowledge® curriculum.

The K-8 curriculum of LLCA is based on Core Knowledge Sequence developed by E. D. Hirsch, author of Cultural Literacy. The curriculum entails the core subjects: language arts, history and geography, fine arts (visual arts and music), mathematics, and natural sciences, in addition to foreign language, and technology / computer skills and physical education to include environmental and outdoor education.

The basic premise is to create a curriculum that builds upon the previous years’ experience and learning.

Core Knowledge® is a nonprofit organization which offers a solid K–8 curriculum, classroom materials, and professional development for teachers.

The Core Knowledge® mission is to “offer all children a better chance in life and create a fairer and more literate society by educating America’s youth in a solid, specific, sequenced, and shared curriculum.

Our goal is to provide programs to ensure the very best quality of education for all of our students.


Student Assessment K-8

LLCA performs regular assessments to measure student achievement and provide data-driven instruction. Student assessments are administered in various forms and at various times during the school year. The following assessments will be used at the school.

Grade Reports

Students are academically assessed two times per quarter. A progress report is prepared approximately 4 ½ weeks into each quarter and a final report is prepared at the end of each quarter.

The grading scale for Kindergarten and Grades 1-8 is:


Letter Grade Grading Scale

M Mastered the Standard

N Nearing Mastery

I Improvement Needed

U Unable to Demonstrate Understanding of Standard


Letter Grade Grading Scale

A 90 – 100 %

B 80 – 89 %

C 70 – 79%

D 60 – 69 %

F 59 % or below

STAR 360 Benchmark Tests

Using the STAR 360 Assessment, students are assessed three times during the school year, in the fall, winter and spring. STAR 360 test is an online national assessment that provides data to teachers for use in monitoring individual student growth and implementing instructional methods that meet the individual needs of every student.

Our Kindergarten students may be assessed before the start of school to ensure proper classroom placement.

Students in grades K-8 are eligible for Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Program.

LLCA provides certified services for qualifying Exceptional Children and 504 students.

State Assessments

Students in Grades 3–8 are assessed using the state mandated end of year assessment. This assessment takes approximately four days and is generally administered in April of each school year.

Students in 4th and 8th grade take the state mandated North Carolina State Tests.