Learning Options

Our Blended Learning Plan Provides On-site Instruction with a Robust Virtual Academy

On July 1st, 2020, NC Gov. Roy Cooper announced that students will return to school under Plan B of the three possible plans issued under Lighting Our Way Forward - North Carolina's Guidebook for Reopening Public Schools.

Under Plan B students split time between physical classrooms and remote lessons. LLCA offers a hybrid model of Plan B that mixes a 'one week on, one week off' schedule of on-site instruction and remote learning, also known as our Virtual Academy. All families have the option to choose to participate solely in the Virtual Academy.

Under Plan B guidelines, districts, as well as charter schools, must limit their capacity to maintain six feet of social distancing, and students will rotate through in-person instruction for portions of the day, week, or month. Any district or charter school can opt to exclusively teach remotely, but no public school can defy the state’s guidelines and bring back full classes.

On Oct. 5th, 2020, the Governor announced that K-5 students can participate in the 'in-person' option for instruction. This is known as Plan A. While most K-5th grade students are back on campus, a number have opted to continue with Remote Instruction or Plan B, outlined above.

As 6-12 graders are allowed to return for on-campus learning, LLCA will communicate the details of that return in the coming weeks.

Details of LLCA’s Available Learning Plans:

  • Families with multiple students: all siblings are assigned to the same Group, either A or B

  • All students are provided equal in-person learning time

  • All high school dual-enrolled students will continue their college education through Isothermal Community College

  • Consideration is given to students and families with special needs

  • During remote learning (at-home) students participate with their classmates and teachers through live streaming and virtual meetings

  • All teachers provide direct instruction to students including elective teachers during in-person at school and remote learning at home weeks

  • Assignments are graded and entered into PowerSchool

  • The NC grading scale is followed for all K-12

  • Attendance is taken for both in-person and remote learning

  • The school nurse, school counselors, and support staff are available each day for all students who are at school or at home

  • If a student or family chooses to enroll in our Virtual Academy, their enrollment will allow for switching to in-person at school classes

  • Busses run at all normal stops and follow all state and CDC health protocols

  • Raptor Care is provided to families who need after school care

  • Students and families may select full-time remote instruction virtual school option through our Virtual Academy

  • The school will work with families who have limited or no access to the internet to determine how best to meet the student’s needs

  • The school limits access to the building for non-LLCA students and staff

LLCA Teachers are committed to:

Ensuring the safest possible learning environment

Providing constant communication and asking for feedback

Delivering state standards-aligned instruction to all students

Providing both live and recorded lessons

Teaching all students

Meeting the needs of all students

LLCA is committed to:

Providing an equitable learning environment

Providing a clean environment using the same cleaning and disinfectant supplies that have always been used, only more frequently in common areas, bathrooms, door openings, locker doors, etc...

Following all state and CDC guidelines and mandates

Providing training and support to parents and families on supporting their children during remote learning.