Affordable Connectivity Program

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?  


Q: How do I connect a Chromebook to our wireless network at home?

A: Google's Guide on How to Connect to Wi-Fi on a Chromebook.

Q: Who are some internet providers I can contact if I need internet services at home? 

A: See list below  

Q:  Who do I get in touch with if I need a hotspot? 

A. Review the list to the left. Click on it to print it.  

Q: How do I log into NCEdcloud? 

A:  Log on to NCEdcloud here

Q: Where can I reset my NCEdcloud Account?

A:  Contact the school via Email or by phone at 828-625-9292, Ext. 101. Login info is sent home with students when school starts.   

Q: What is Google Classroom?

A: Google Classroom is a free file-sharing tool that teachers use to  simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way 

 Q: Can other parents see what is being shared through Google Classroom?

A: Here is a great FAQ for understanding how Google Classroom works

 Q: What if I need help with Google Classroom? A: Call the school at 625-9292, and press zero

 Q. How do I retrieve my child’s Username & Password?

A:  Teachers can supply this information.  To reset a student's password please contact the school office via email. 


Last updated: 8.20.2020

NOTE:  The companies listed on this page are provided as a courtesy only. LLCA has no affiliation with these companies, nor do we make any recommendations. 

At a time in which remote learning has become the norm,  it has become clear that home Internet service is not a luxury, but a necessity.  As is the case in many pockets of Western North Carolina, LLCA realizes that this presents challenges for some families to obtain reliable Internet or even reliable cell service.  While the school wants to help in any way for which we are staffed and equipped to do so, the limits of staff capacity require that families work in partnership with the school and assume responsibility for those issues that the school is not equipped to address.

Specifically, families are expected to address the following Five Connectivity Elements of our Distance Learning  partnership:

1. ESTABLISH HOME INTERNET SERVICE:  (This is a family responsibility).

Possible providers include the following (depending on your location):

    • Skyrunner (fixed wireless service in several areas) Phone: (828) 258-8562 
    • AT&T Fixed Wireless (Rutherford County) Phone: (877) 990-0041
    • Windstream (Polk County) Phone: (855) 382-2182
    • Charter-Spectrum (Polk & Rutherford Counties) Phone: (855) 243-8892
    • Northland Cable (Tri-Cities & Lake Lure) Phone: (828) 245-1633
    • Morris Broadband (Hendersonville) Phone: (828) 692-3278
    • AT&T Wireless (Cellular – many areas) Phone: (888) 333-6651
    • Verizon Wireless (Cellular – many areas) Phone: (800) 837-4966
    • T-Mobile/Sprint (Cellular – various areas) Phone: (800) 866-2453
    • US Cellular (Cellular – various areas) Phone: (888) 944-9400
    • Carolina West Wireless (Cellular – Rutherford County) Phone: (800) 235-5007
    • HughesNet (satellite) Phone: (844) 737-2700
    • ViaSat (satellite) Phone: (844) 702-3199

2. ESTABLISH A HOME WI-FI SYSTEM (This is a family responsibility).

Possible help with home technology include the following:

  • Connor Computer Consultants (Rutherford & Polk County)
Phone: (828) 287-0003 e-mail:
  • Carolina Computer Solutions (Polk County)
Phone: (828) 894-6169  e-mail:
  • High Tech House Call (Polk County)
Phone: (828) 859-6928 e-mail:
  • Echo Data Systems (Hendersonville)
Phone: (828) 693-4907 e-mail:
  • Mountain Computer Service & Repair (Hendersonville) Phone: (828) 290-9620

3. CONNECT DEVICE (computer and/or tablet) TO HOME WI-FI SYSTEM. (This is a family responsibility).

4. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER. (This is a family responsibility.)