LLCA is dedicated fostering a healthy student life in all that it does. Holistic student development is vital for students to achieve their full potential. We assist students in fostering their comprehensive growth through extensive engagement, leadership opportunities, and campus-wide/community involvement. Whether it's the development of community centered programs, class-derived field trips, opportunities to show gratitude and compassion to others, or demonstrating leadership skills, our goals are two-fold:

  • To encourage a sense of student connectedness through participation

  • To engage every member of our diverse student population.

Check back often to see what our students have been up to!

Announcing our Teachers of the Month for December and January

Throughout the month, students give school director Ms. Cohen their letters. The teacher with the most votes is chosen as teacher of the month. All the letters written by students are given to the teachers. Third-grade teacher, Jessie Massey was our December Teacher of the Month. Ms. Massey is a first-year teacher and a graduate of UNCA. She was honored for her positive outlook on life of always seeing the glass half full rather than half-empty. Learn more about Ms. Massey here. Ms. Karen Taylor was named January's Teacher of the Month. For those who do not know Ms. Taylor, she is one of our ICC adjunct professors, a senior class advisor, and our yearbook sponsor. Learn more about Ms. Taylor here.

Karen Taylor
January's Teacher of the Month

Jessie Massey
December's Teacher of the Month

Students Nominate & Celebrate November's Teacher of the Month
With a passion for teaching and a love of kids, Ms. Rachael Fowler was named November's Teacher of the Month by students who nominated her. During morning announcements students remind their peers and other students to nominate and vote for the teacher whom they are thankful for and to write why they are thankful. Gratitude was the character trait of the month for November.
Throughout the month, students give school director Ms. Cohen their letters. Th
e teacher with the most votes is chosen as teacher of month. All the letters written by students are given to the teachers.
Ms. Fowler is in her ninth year at LLCA and this year teaches 5th grade. She received a gift bag of her favorite treats from the school, including a gift card for lunch.

Rachael Fowler
November's Teacher of the Month

Muddy Sneakers Recent Trip to Bearwallow Mountain!
Based out of Brevard, NC, Muddy Sneakers is an outdoor science education program that works with fifth-grade public school students across 19 WNC counties. This program educates on the core concepts of the state science curriculum using hands-on, experiential teaching methods spread over multiple, outdoor classroom experiences. LLCA is proud to partner with Muddy Sneakers!

Seniors Rock!
"It's a Family Tradition," as the song goes. Seniors of LLCA get together each year to paint the big rock on the school campus. Each class makes it their own with art, symbols, and messages. On a crisp, warm fall day, they weren't thinking about viruses or the future. They were just enjoying each other and the unforgettable moments of being high school seniors.

LLCA Third Graders Get a Gift & a Lesson about Community Giving

Kiwanis Club of Rutherfordton is pleased to partner with Forest City Kiwanis to provide dictionaries to EVERY Third-Grader in Rutherford County! The organization normally delivers the dictionaries to each child personally, but were limited this year due to safety precautions.

Dictionaries were delivered to each school so that EVERY child has one of their own. In this day of "Googling," the organization believes strongly in the ability to OWN your own dictionary. WE AGREE!

Mr. High's 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Massey's 3rd Grade Class

Fire Prevention Day Teaches A Respect for Fire!

Fire Prevention Week was recently an excellent opportunity to teach -- and re-teach -- children about the dangers of fire and how to prevent fire and fire-related injuries. The event is held annually in grateful partnership with Lake Lure Fire and Rescue, the Bills Creek Fire Dept., Chimney Rock Fire Dept., and Fairfield Mtns., Fire Dept.

A Huge thanks to our recent photographic contributors - Board Chairman Mark Hamann, 1st grade teacher, Lois Khalafalla, & Front Desk Receptionist, Teresa Lattimore