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Elementary School

Throughout the elementary years, students are challenged to think analytically and creatively as the curriculum deepens and connections are made across the disciplines.


Building on the progress of the Core Knowledge Curriculum that begins in our Little Raptors Kindergarten Program, the social-emotional makeup of each elementary student is considered; ever-mindful of the developmental spectrum along which our students grow/ Our teachers observe, assess, and communicate the needs of the whole child to parents and to one another.


Children learn to creatively express themselves in writing while practicing conventions of grammar and spelling. Math classes are characterized by real-world applicability and focus on problem-solving. In Social Studies, (History and Geography) our students broaden and deepen their definition of community, from their families and our school to our city and the global village. Students encounter such core values as caring, responsibility, honesty, and inclusion.


Students also participate in Art, Science, Music, STEM, library, and PE throughout the week.

For our Fifth Graders:

In keeping with our mission to foster a sense of joy and connection with the outdoors through engaging, hands-on learning, Lake Lure Classical Academy is proud to participate in the Muddy Sneakers Program for our 5th Grade students.


Muddy Sneakers, based out of Brevard, NC, is an outdoor science education program that works with fifth-grade public school students across 11 counties in Western North Carolina and eight counties in the Piedmont of North Carolina. This innovative program educates on the core concepts of the state science curriculum using hands-on, experiential teaching methods spread over multiple, outdoor classroom experiences. Currently, Muddy Sneakers partners with 47 schools and serves 3,450 students.


To learn more about the Muddy Sneakers Program at LLCA, ask your child's 5th Grade teacher or call the school office.