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High School

Our High School Program 

Our Academic Program: The ultimate aim of our high school is to help students flourish as individuals. By imparting the "tools of learning," we help students develop skills in reading, writing, thinking, and presenting. We also strive to help students discover their own personal aptitudes and then provide them with opportunities to explore areas that deeply interest them personally.  

In addition to the State’s required standard course of study, all LLCA graduates will take courses in logic, the Fine Arts, and Nature Studies. Many LLCA students also take advantage of the State’s Career and College Promise (CCP) program and earn college credits through Isothermal Community College. Technical education courses are also available through Isothermal Community College. To learn more about the CCP program, please refer to our LLCA course catalog or visit North Carolina Community College's website here: Career & College Promise

For a more detailed description of graduation requirements, course offerings, and grading specifications, please see the course catalog linked above. 

Our Extra-Curricular Offerings: LLCA has a strong extra-curricular program. We have a full range of athletic offerings, and we also have a wide variety of clubs that meet weekly during the school day. For more on these offerings, please see the 'Extra-Curricular' tab on our website.